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Renting through BUTLERS

◦Viewings ◦ Reference Checks ◦ Landlords ◦ Employers ◦ Deposits

Follow these steps

We work hard to ensure the process is as easy as it can be.

1.Check your affordability

We have some beautiful property available to rent but you need to check what you can afford. Use our free checker to the right to help you. 

2. Check your credit file

As part of your referencing we will check your credit file. You can save time by ignoring this step and start a rent passport which will show you the credit file. However if you prefer to take a look without showing any information to us you can do it free for 30 days by clicking the logo on the right.

3. Search for a property

4. View the property

We only accept offers on Rental property once you have viewed the property. If you are remote to our location then we can offer a video viewing. At the viewing you get the opportunity to ask more about the property and the process involved.

5. Apply to rent a property that you have viewed.

You can apply to rent a property once you have viewed it by completing our application form here. We will require you to complete our Rent Passport as part of the application. You can do this by calling our office on 0114 247 4433