Are you making the most out of your property ?

Or are you frustrated by an endless list of charges that you can't be bothered with

Can't sleep

Headaches and Stress

What costs and stress are you currently paying for?

  • Does your agent charge for everything?
  • Are you paying more than you should?
  • Is is really worth paying for an out of area service?
  • Does your property manager know your property?
  • Has the person collecting your rent met your tenants?

Want to enjoy life

Leave the stress to the agent you are paying

Enjoy more family time

At Butlers we work with you !

  • Whatever level of involvement you want is understood
  • We are local
  • We meet your tenants and deal with their enquiries
  • Rent collection and chasing locally as required
  • The ability to collect rent by direct debit
  • No hidden fees and charges
  • Member of UKALA
  • Trained staff that can prove their competence
  • Rent guarantee insurance included in our package

How easy is it to switch to Butlers fully managed service?

Will my tenants be inconvenienced?

At Butlers we make the process as smooth as possible and we certainly look after our tenants. A lot of agents charge for renewing a tenancy but we include this, so the cost to the tenants is lower to start with. We are local and so will visit the tenant prior to taking over the management to ensure we report the correct starting point.

For landlords worried about excessive exit charges, please speak to us, we can assist you with this.

As a member of the Client Money Protection scheme you can be assured that all monies are protected as some agents disappear with vast somes of money and the clients lose out. This is true locally in Chesterfield where an agent was prosecuted! Again speak to us, we can provide you assurances.

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